Saulétekio gimnazija


"Saulėtekio" gimnazija is a typical gymnasium in the town Siauliai in the North of Lithuania. There are 310 students (aged 15-19) studying and 45 teachers teaching at this gymnasium, a headmistress, 2 deputies ,1psychologist and social worker at school. We offer 1st and 2nd year gymnasium students a course on Biomedical sciences (Biology, Chemistry) integrated English-Biology activities carried

out together with Siauliai university. School vision: In a rapidly changing life our gymnasium has established flexible rules in target to be open to modern society and help student to achieve harmony, be environmentally friendly and acquire new useful knowledge for it. Our activities are based on cooperation, scientific achievements, using modern technology. Also, we ensure safety school community, which is constantly open for changings and improving our education system.

The Curriculum allows students to provide different abilities and needs necessary for basic and secondary education. Our Mission: To provide high-quality primary and secondary education, depending on the student's needs and abilities. Priorities: ▪ high-quality educational services; ▪ creating comfortable atmosphere for communication and cooperation; ▪ using modern techniques and technology; ▪ an effective leadership. This project is very important and useful for our school and

other partners. It`s a commitment on the part of the entire educational community to enhance the environmental and sustainable quality of school, putting environmental education on the school syllabus; involving the educational community in the local community .The main purpose of the project was to promote knowledge, care and respect for the Earth and environment.


The expertise of the school is Social and Economic Justice. Our students have an opportunity to study for free, get breakfast, textbooks for free ,social support and fundings if necessary Each student get teachers, psychology consultations and medical service. Another expertise is quality education that empowers people to

take advantage of opportunities around them. It helps children get knowledge, information and life skills they need to realize their potential. Training teachers, building schools, providing education materials and breaking down that prevent children from accessing education are important features of poverty alleviation programmes.


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