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2College Durendael is a comprehensive school in Oisterwijk , Noord Brabant and, we are part of a school group of 5 schools, 4 of which are in Berkel-Enschot and Tilburg. The school has a staff of 152 teachers and 1764 students, and the school consists of 3 departments: -Vocational ( age 12-16) -Pre- university ( age 12-18) -Bilingual (age 12-18) We have a regional function. All students can have an English exam. This is taken either on B1-, B2- or C1 level. 2College Durendael is a lead school in Oisterwijk.


Oisterwijk is a small town ( 25.000 inhabitants) with many entrepreneurs. The

international contacts of 2College can also be of interest for them, and vice versa. Internationalization is an important part of our school policy. We focus on the importance of world citizenship.

The world population in the last decade has stabilized, and now Environmental protection is an important issue as people, especially European people, want to leave a habitable planet for our descendants. Also of importance are our fundamental values of human rights, equitable human development, social and economic justice, democracy, respect and care for the community of life and the importance of living in a peaceful global society. All of the involved schools are working hard to achieve the above mentioned points.

We need the help of other (International) schools to work together with Durendael on training materials and more active teaching methods to be able to make the students aware of the importance of the values of the Earth Charter. So all participating countries and beyond will be able to take advantage of the lesson plans developed by us. 2College Durendael is experienced in democratic systems. We organize political days, there are elections for the Community board by/ for

students and staff. There are debating clubs for students. We have an active policy on anti - bullying, solar panels on the roof and new ‘cleaner’ printers.


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