About the project

​We are four schools from four different countries. We decided to work together on a project of Erasmus Plus with the theme Earth Charter.

The Earth Charter Initiative is a global movement of organizations and individuals that embrace the Earth Charter and use it to guide the transition towards a more just, sustainable, and peaceful world.


We started the project because we decided that this theme is very important for our students and for the whole world. These are the points we want to achieve:

  1. We want the students to respect and care for the Community of Life with understanding, compassion and love. Eg. by visiting and guided tour in the House of Humanity in The Hague.

  2. To develop the ability to show respect to the Earth and life in all its diversity. Eg. by taking part in chat groups with topics such as poverty, social  justice ideals, equity and equality etc.

  3. To understand the importance of a democratic society that is just, participatory, sustainable and peaceful. Eg. through a guided tour in the town     hall in Liverpool, the House of Representatives in The Hague, and the former concentration camp Vught(NL). 

  4. To investigate ways in which students can secure the Earth's beauty for present and future generations. Eg. By visiting several historical cities         and National Parks. In Spain pupils will participate in a workshop on the importance of conserving the countryside.

  5. To design ways of protecting their environment and saving energy. Eg. in Spain, students will design ways of protecting their environment and         saving energy by participating in activities in a Smart City. By partcipating in chat forums on these topics such as energy saving.

  6. To develop skills to eradicate poverty and ways to promote gender equality, access to education, health care and economic opportunity as a right for all. Eg. pupils will develop skills to be able to facilitate the eradication poverty and ways to promote gender equality,

  7. To gain knowledge and develop the students values and skills needed to live a sustainable way of life and power. Eg. pupils will deliver a    workshop about debating, make a vlog a photobook and a presentation. The Europass guarantees the sustainability of the whole experience           they have gained  Because the spoken language is English the students will also increase their competence  in this language and they learn to       work in a digital era.


  • To achieve our objectives we need to work in partnership with other schools in other countries, using their knowledge and expertise in the various aspects of exploring and disseminating values of the Earth Charter.

  • To bring together students from four different countries and cultures. This will allows us to share and experience the fundamental values of our global society and develop the importance of the values of the Earth Charter.

  • To develop multilingual links between the four countries for both staff and students. The focus and delivery of the project will be in English and this will allow students and staff at all linguistic levels to interact and develop their language skills. Although the main language expressed in this project will be in English, there is an appreciation and consideration for the range of languages to be spoken and developed from the participating countries.

  • A further aim of this project is to provide the students with a platform to enhance themselves as global citizens in a diverse world. Staff and students with gain a greater understanding of their global footprint and this will impact upon future generations.

  • This project will strongly aim to develop an awareness and knowledge of how to use social entrepreneurship to treat others and the environment with dignity and respect, so that they actively make a contribution to sustaining harmony in the world.


The outcomes will continue to develop beyond the two years allocated for the project.

In the long-term, changing teaching methodology and incorporating aspects of the project activities will result in permanent benefits for our schools; the dissemination of our materials will help many others benefit from our project outcomes.

The results will be promoted where possible; school websites, local media, Facebook, e-Twinning, Instagram, Twitter, the international  app of Earth Charter "MAPting" etc.

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