What is EarthCharter-Erasmus about

The participating schools have jointly chosen the project "Earth Charter" because 3 of the schools in previous projects noticed, that the pupils still don't regard this subject as very important and vital for their and our future.


The Earth Charter is an international document on fundamental values and principles  trying to contribute to a just, lasting and peaceful global society in the 21st century and is divided in 4 pillars:

 I Respect and concern for the world community (UK),

 II ecological integrity (ES);

 III social and economic justice  (LT);

 IV Democracy, non-violence and peace (NL).

The 4 pillars are divided among the 4 schools.


The world population in the last decade has stabilized,  and now Environmental protection is an important issue as people, especially European people, want to leave a habitable planet for our descendants. Also of importance are our fundamental values of human rights, equitable human development, social and economic justice, democracy, respect and care for the community of life and the importance of living in a peaceful global society.

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